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Charging your Porsche Taycan


At Porsche, we believe that a sports car should be ready to set off at any time. So we have made charging the Porsche Taycan simple, quick and easy to integrate into everyday life. That way, the only thing you need to think about is where to go next.

Our unique charging ecosystem compliments the Taycan and offers holistic solutions to support whichever way you choose to charge:

At Selected Porsche Centres

Visit a Taycan Charging station at a Porsche Centre. Our sister centres at Norwich and Tonbridge both have two DC chargers delivering up to 350kW of competitively priced power, which are available during opening hours only. To charge, you will need a Porsche RFID charging card with an active subscription.

Charge at Home

Charging at home gives drivers their own ‘petrol station’ at home and is often the preferred option.

Charging away from Home

The Porsche Charging service now provides more than 100,000 charging points worldwide, to use while away from home.

Destination Charging

Our Destination Charging Programme is reliable and allows simple access to many Porsche charge points at venues our customers already love to visit.

Or speak to a member of our Sales Team on  01603 570911  or email info@porschenorwich.co.uk for more advice on charging your Taycan.