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Cars and Coffee Morning 2023


On a splendid Saturday morning, August 26 2023, Porsche Centre Norwich played host to a gathering that ignited the passions of Porsche aficionados like never before. It was an event that brought together members of Porsche Drivers Norwich UK, and the excitement in the air was palpable. 

As the day began, our members congregated at our state-of-the-art Centre, eager to share stories and camaraderie with fellow Porsche enthusiasts. The ocassion? Celebrating 60 glorious years of the iconic Porsche 911. With its timeless design and legendary performance, the 911 has carved a special place in the hearts of Porsche enthusiasts, and this event was a fitting tribute to this enduring masterpiece. 

As the morning unfolded, the aroma of freshly baked pasties and rich scent of coffee wafted through the air, courtesy of The Coffee Club Norfolk. Our team welcomed our guests with open arms, guiding them through our modern facilities including our spectacular showroom, our direct dialogue bays and workshop, where precision and craftsmanship converge to ensure that every Porsche receives the utmost care. 

If you are eager to explore the world of Porsche Norwich or have any inquiries, we invite you to reach out to us. Whether you prefer to chat over the phone 01603 570911 or conveniece of email at info@porschenorwich.co.uk , we are here to assist you on your Porsche journey.