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Porsche Classic Motoroils


Porsche Classic Motoroils

Choose the right engine oil and prolong the life of your Porsche Classic. Enjoy happier motoring by looking after your engine with Porsche Classic Motoroils; prevention is always better than cure.

When it comes to seeking sage advice about choice of oil and how to administer it, your best port of call should always be your local Porsche Classic Partner. The reason why is simple – they are more specialised and qualified than any other and deal with cars like yours, day in day out. Details on oil change intervals are usually found in the operating instructions, but the general rule of thumb is once a year. Don’t be tempted to skip it just because you probably drive your classic Porsche less frequently than a modern car. Engines, especially older ones, are particularly put under stress on short journeys and cold starts stress, introducing combustion residues, impurities and condensation into the oil. Luckily, as we’ve discovered, there’s a readymade solution in the form of Porsche Classic Motoroil. Specially developed for classic Porsche cars, they’re a perfect match.

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