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Porsche Ladies Day


On Saturday 4 February, we were lucky enough to host a Ladies Day for Porsche Drivers Norfolk UK. 

Guests met at Porsche Centre Norwich where they were greeted with a big warm welcome, delicious hot coffee and the opportunity to explore the showroom before the planned activities. Once refreshments and greetings were finished, the ladies then experienced a fun presentation from the marketing team and an informative talk with Zoe from the Service Department, talking about the services that are on offer at the centre such as the Direct Dialogue Bay, a tour of our spectacular workshop and to top it all off, delicious pastires enjoyed throughout from Bread Source. 

Overall, this was a really fantastic event with around 20 show stopping cars and 50 ladies who attended and we really look forward to the next one! 

For any of your Porsche enquiries please contact info@porschenorwich.co.uk  or call us on 01603 570911  today.