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Porsche Winter Wheels


The crisp frosty mornings are still here and this season you will want to feel the security that comes with N-rated winter tyres from Porsche. Extraordinary weather conditions call for extraordinary grip, and thanks to specially formulated Porsche Winter Tyres, you can continue to extract all the high-performance characteristics you love out of your Porsche, all year long, whilst maintaining absolute safety.

It is not just in the instance of snow that you need to be thinking about winter tyres. As soon as temperatures drop to approx. +7c, the rubber compounds of tyres start to harden which results in increased braking distances and deteriorating driving characteristics. However, with Porsche Genuine Winter Tyres, a drop in temperatures does not mean a drop in performance. They have been built with a specific compound and tread pattern to provide peace of mind when driving in low temperatures or on wet and slippery surfaces, with the added benefit of significant improvements in braking efficiency and increased mileage. In addition, all Porsche tyres are N-rated to signify that they have been tested and approved for your vehicle - giving you, reassurance, and your Porsche, performance whatever the weather.

To find out more on Porsche Winter Wheels, contact Porsche Centre Norwich today on  01603 570911  or email info@porschenorwich.co.uk  and our friendly team will always be happy to help you.