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The new Porsche Panamera


The new Panamera. Choose boldly. 

The third generation Porsche Panamera is here, and the sports saloon has new technology and revised styling. The Panamera is for those who use freedom to follow their instincts. Who express themselves in the way they travel, not just in reaching their destination. Who make decisions based on their own desires and not what others think. We built this sports car for exactly these people. 

Athletic, streamlines, with clear contours and powerful proportions. The outline and proportions of the new Panamera are unmistakably Porsche. The long wheelbase, shorter overhang at the front and longer overhand at the rear already lend visual dynamism. The prominent sculpting of the side profile creates the customary Porsche waistline and sense of lightness. 

Do you want to start your Porsche Panamera journey and find out more? 

Contact a member of our friendly team today and let's turn your dream to reality. Call 01603 570911 or email us info@porschenorwich.co.uk , we look forward to hearing from you.