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The Porsche Dashcam


The Porsche Tequipment front-mounted Dashcam is now available for all current model lines.

The Porsche Dashcam is suitable for capturing videos of driving situations and manoeuvres. It is operated via an app, from which all settings can be accessed; recorded videos are saved on the supplied SD card and are continuously overwritten. If the Dashcam detects a strong vibration or the radar sensor is triggered, the recorded video is stored separately and is not overwritten. Recordings can be downloaded directly from the SD card or via the app.

The Porsche Dashcam app is available to download and offers another way for you to interact with your Porsche through your smartphone.

Technical highlights include:

  • Front-mounted camera
  • Video recording in QHD
  • Polarisation filter to reduce reflection and provide excellent colour contrast
  • GPS, radar and vibration sensors
  • Drive mode and Park mode
  • Footage review on dashcam app.

Contact our friendly team on 01603 570911 or email us info@porschenorwich.co.uk  for more details on the Porsche Tequipment front-mounted Dashcam.