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The Porsche Taycan Range


All you need to know about the Porsche Taycan Range. 

The Taycan is the pure expression of a Porsche electric sports car. Timeless, striking proportions and instantly recognisable design, and a perfect blend of peformance with everyday usability. The Taycan comes in three beautiful body shapes, Taycan, Taycan Sport Turismo and Taycan 4 Cross Turismo. Here at the Centre, you can fully explore and discover these models by test driving them today. 

On our recent YouTube video, now live on our channel, Joey and Lois from our Centre talk to you about the Porsche Taycan range. View the video now live on our channel by clicking  here

Discover the Taycan and book your 24-hour test drive this March by contacting us on  01603 570911  today. 

Did you know? 
We have 24-hour 350kW Turbo Chargers available here at the Centre, along with so many accessible and available chargers across the local area, so you can be certain that having an electric vehicle couldn't be easier.